Mechanic power and human touch

Meet Robbie, the building campaign of the future, which you can use at your site, today. Build faster, safer and more cost effective than ever.

High returns

You can process 0.5m2 with one action. This is the equivalent of 4 traditional building bricks.

Only requires one person

Two hands, that is all you need to operate this compact cobot. Improve the efficiency.

No physical effort

Say goodbye to heavy labour. Process up to 2 XL glue blocks at a time without the slightest physical effort.

Easy to move

Thanks to its compact measurements, it is very easy to move Robbie.

Safe and CE approved

The cobot has a reliable  safety mechanism. This way glue blocks cannot fall, and an over-load is not possible.

For small and large sites

Thanks to the compact, flexible design and easy operation, Robbie can be used in small and large building projects.

No need to study it first

Everything is self-explanatory. You do not need any internal study or installation plans on the site to start using the cobot.

Periodic inspection will suffice

A periodic inspection (every 3 months) will suffice to use Robbie as a permanent worker at your site.

Do you have spontaneous questions about Robbie? Then check our FAQ.


Robbie in figures

Double your building speed

See Robbie as a mechanical helping hand, literally as an extension of the arm of the site worker. This cobot lifts large blocks of glue in a fast, safe, and ergonomically responsible way and guides them weightlessly to exactly the right place.

Example: in combination with the XL (50x50cm) Dumoulin glue blocks, you can move the equivalent of four traditional building blocks in the same movement. As such, you build at least at double the speed you did before, without any physical effort for the operator.

Vraag demo

Robbie is not a robot

That is why we do not call Robbie a robot, but a cobot. This cooperative, hydraulically operated crane intuitively follows the movements of its operator, but it takes over all the hard work. No more physically effort, while guaranteeing the precision.

Vraag offerte

Great for young and old

In addition to this, only a short explanation is required to be able to fully operate Robbie. This, combined with the feather-light and intuitive – even game console-like – operation, makes the cobot appeal to young and old at the site.

Vraag demo

Robbie explained in 6 questions and answers

How do I use Robbie on site?

With Robbie, you transport and place the building blocks down from the ground or from a platform. Thanks to the arm length of 10 meters and a 360 ° degree turning circle, you build interior walls up to 3 meters high from each building layer.

The cobot bears the full weight of the building blocks. The operation is completely intuitive. With two hands – or even two fingers – and by selecting a few buttons, you can operate Robbie. The hydraulic control does the rest. Thanks to the automatic fall protection, there is no risk of accidents.

What material can I transport with Robbie?

Robbie is designed to process specific lightweights smoothly and quickly. Robbie is definitely not intended to be use as lifting device to transport other building materials on site.

Currently it is only possible to move the XL Dumoulin glue blocks with the cobot. In the meanwhile, we are very busy developing and expanding the variety of compatible building blocks and building systems.

How do I transport Robbie?

To be able to transport Robbie, you need a truck with a minimum loading capacity of 2 tons and a loading bridge not higher than 1m70. Robbie consists of two parts: the pedestal and arm. The latter must always be transported in a specially designed metal frame (included in the purchase price). To load and offload the cobot, there must be a building crane or crane truck on site.

How do I mount Robbie and how much time will this take?

After offloading from the truck (see FAQ how I transport Robbie) the installation at the site is completed in half an hour. The foot is levelled with a crane on the site floor and installed with adjusting screws.

To mount the arm on the base, four screws pass through the adjacent flanges. Next, connect the electric compressor via an air pressure tube.

Finally, connect the control box and click on the control panel. Cobot Robbie does not need to be mechanically anchored to the floor during commissioning.

Who can or may operate Robbie?

Robbie is extremely user-friendly. In principle, anyone on site can operate the cobot. We also provide standard training in a demo area after purchase. This training is also included in the price.

How often do I have to move the cobot during an average workday?

Depending on the size of the construction and the onsite organisation, you will on average need to move Robbie two to four times a day on site. This is done with a building crane or forklift and takes five minutes.

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