Innovative building products in a changing market

The building sector is growing and evolving quickly. Therefore new needs, higher standards and new challenges keep emerging. Sagoma Group aims to play a pioneering role in the development of innovative building products which resolve the challenges faced today and in the future as well as to increase job satisfaction and work efficiency.

For 35 years, the parent company Marchetta building group has been a trusted name in the building industry and knows the difficulties like no other. It was this experience and knowledge that led to the founding of Sagoma Group, as an R&D company that aims to develop innovative building products to boost both efficiency and profitability while enhancing the well-being of employees.

The added value of our innovative building products

  • Well-being and safety
    Our priority is well-being at work. We create innovative building products which reduce strain, and benefit working conditions and the health of labourers. In doing so, we offer a response to the shortage of labour in the sector. We also aim to reduce the number of work accidents in the building industry. Improved well-being and safety are fundamental in our innovations.
  • Efficiency
    We know like no other that efficiency is essential in remaining competitive. Our innovative building products focus on achieving building work faster and more effectively than with existing methods.
  • Profitability
    An innovation can only be successful when the investment is profitable. We not only achieve such profitability by increasing safety and efficiency, but also by applying a wide scope of usage. Every development is suitable for both large and small building projects, private projects, and also government assignments.