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Sagoma Group, developed out of and building on the expertise of housing company Marchetta, specializes in research and development in the field of innovative construction techniques. With more than 35 years of experience within the team, we want to play a clear pioneering role within the sector.

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Pioneers of innovation

Based on our research and development phases, we at Sagoma Group anticipate higher and higher standards on site. This with regard to:

  • Innovation
  • Safety
  • Shorter construction period
  • Efficiency
  • Ergonomics

In this way, we want to continue to paint the construction sector as an exciting and challenging sector across different generations of site staff.

Industrialisation in a positive manner, from the person. With new technologies, which makes the work easier, more comfortable, and more profitable. Which creates new knowhow and this way led to a competitive advantage.

From the site to the laboratory ...

In 1985, brothers Franco and Emilio Marchetta laid the foundations for their construction company of the same name. Many years later, Marchetta is a respected firm within the wide region of Limburg with numerous homes under their belt.

It was the knowledge about the site that was so valuable to the brothers. This urge to create innovative building technology led to the foundation of the Sagoma Group years later. Research and development with different goals: on the one hand more efficient, safer, and faster and more ergonomical building to unburden the workforce. On the other hand, convincing young talent with innovative technology to enter the building sector.


… and vice versa

We, in turn, immediately apply all the accumulated knowledge and developed innovations to the Marchetta sites. Thanks to the feedback of their experienced site personnel, we good quickly perfect our developments and make it market ready.

How can we
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