Robbie makes an appearance at the Batibouw trade fair

Robbie, our automated cobot for weightless transportation and placement of building blocks will make its appearance at the Batibouw event. On Wednesday 4 March, Sagoma Group will participate in Probuild; the trade fair for building shell, roof and profile construction linked to the Batibouw event. We are happy to welcome those who are curious to see Robbie in action, at stand number 1120 in hall 1, between noon and 8:30pm.

Efficient operation with a cobot

Robbie was developed to assist workers on construction sites with the heavy lifting, transport and positioning of high-precision blocks. It offers physical support to the worker who operates it and stacks high-precision blocks up to four times more quickly compared to manual operation. Plus, Robbie comes with a protection system that prevents high-precision blocks from falling. This means that the cobot improves safety on the construction site in addition to increasing efficiency.

Cobot + unique XL high-precision blocks = staggering efficiency improvement

Robbie is compatible with the recyclable ceramic high-precision blocks of 50 cm x 50 cm that were developed for this particular cobot system by Dumoulin Bricks. They are twice the size of the current standard ceramic building blocks and can be cut by traditional means. The cobot is able to place one or two of these large high-precision blocks at a time, taking care of 0.5 m2 per action. A combination of the cobot with the XL high-precision blocks ensures a faster and more efficient process, resulting in increased efficiency. The investment pays for itself in no time, even for the smallest of contractors.

Meet & greet with Robbie

Robbie will be available on a purchase or rental basis soon. In the case of a purchase, we will always provide basic training to workers in order to ease the process of getting started. Would you like a demonstration of the cobot or have you got a question about Robbie? Just drop by the Sagoma Group stand at the Batibouw event.