Robbie: the Cobot that does your heavy lifting for you

This is Robbie, a super compact Cobot that transports and positions high-precision blocks quickly, flexibly and safely. In cooperation with Dumoulin high-precision blocks, which have been specially developed for Cobot Robbie, not only does the contractor save time, the intensity of the labour required is also drastically reduced.

What is a Cobot?

A Cobot or collaborative robot is a robot that works together with people to provide support on the work floor. Cobot Robbie was specially developed by Sagoma Group to assist workers on construction sites with the heavy lifting, transport and positioning of high-precision blocks.


Robbie boosts the safety, well-being and profits on the site. Due to the fact that the Cobot stacks high-precision blocks 4x faster than when stacking manually, you can accomplish more work with less manpower. The work is performed more efficiently without overloading the workers, because the hoisting apparatus becomes an extension, as it were, of the worker, providing physical support.

In this way, our Cobot provides a solution to the shortage of manpower in the building industry. Robbie is a highly compact Cobot that is easy to move and to operate.

SpecificaTIONS OF THE cobot

  • 360° turning radius
  • Range 10 metre diameter
  • Load capacity of 60 kg
  • Can handle one or two fast-build bricks of 50x50 in one go
  • Secure system that prevents fast-build bricks from falling
  • Can be operated by one person
  • Extremely compact and easy to manoeuvre

The result? Increased safety on the building site and greater profitability.

See the technical sheet

Higher work speeds thanks to the Cobot

Cobot Robbie is compatible with specially designed ceramic high-precision blocks that measure 50 cm x 50 cm, twice as large as standard ceramic bricks. Furthermore, the Cobot can position one or two high-precision blocks at once, which means 0.5 m² in one go. Cobot Robbie’s tongue-and-groove system ensures that the positioning is performed smoothly and precisely.

OPERATING Cobot Robbie

Robbie is easy and intuitive to control. The operating handle is used both to control the Cobot and to place bricks. Robbie is the ideal Cobot for both small and large building projects.

Curious to see how the Cobot works? Watch our videos, or go to our news page and keep up to date on our latest developments or innovations in the building sector.


As part of the Marchetta building group, Sagoma Group continues to build on the years of experience and know-how in this pioneering building company. Therefore, the innovative building products, such as Cobot Robbie, respond perfectly to the needs and challenges in the sector.